2022 WAHS "All-Class" Alumni Reunion Room Information

Please note: This is information for 2021, which had to be cancelled due to COVID.

2022 dates will be posted when they become available.

The CUT-OFF DATE for room reservations is May 23, 2021.  Any rooms, which remain unsold after the cut-off date,
shall revert back to the hotel's general inventory for sale.  However, the hotel will work to accommodate
last minute or late reservations on a space available basis at prevailing rate.

2021 Room Rates:

Tuesday, 6/22/2021

$30 plus $17.99 resort fee plus 13.38% tax ($54.41)

Wednesday, 6/23/2021

$30 plus $17.99 resort fee plus 13.38% tax ($54.41)

Thursday, 6/24/2021

$30 plus $17.99 resort fee plus 13.38% tax ($54.41)

Friday, 6/25/2021

$60 plus $17.99 resort fee plus 13.38% tax ($88.43)

Saturday, 6/26/2021

$60 plus $17.99 resort fee plus 13.38% tax ($88.43)

Sunday, 6/27/2021

$30 plus $17.99 resort fee plus 13.38% tax ($54.41)

Monday, 6/25/18

$30 plus $17.99 resort fee plus 13.38% tax ($54.41)

Attendees are encouraged to book their reservations online at https://www.goldcoastcasino.com/groups. (Group AWU1C06)

Attendees may also call the hotel's room reservation department direct at 1-888-402-6278 and identify themselves as members of the group AWU1C06.  You must use this code or else you may be told the hotel is sold out.  This reservation phone number is available M-F 7am-11pm Pacific Time and Sa-Su 9am-5pm Pacific Time.

First night's room and tax will be required at the time of booking.

Note: Please contact the Gold Coast room reservation department regarding Suite pricing for 2021.

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