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American Pie (Dedicated to the Würzburg Wolves)


Bye, Bye Miss American Pie…

We stood in a circle holding hands like a bracelet laced with pendants and charms.

We stood in a circle side by side immune to the labels we wore in high school.

Goodbye to the suspicious smells of mystery lunches and those who sat at the popular tables.

Goodbye to our first crushes and those we hated because of the clothes they wore.


Drove my Chevy to the levee…

We drove cross country to hold hands with many of those we didn’t know or never met,

But we shared a common bond of walking the same halls, and carrying the same spirit of purple power!

We flew over oceans to unite with old classmates, past loves, and good friends,

And to be with those who could only make the journey through the memories carried in our hearts.


But the levee was dry…

We stood in a circle holding hands as pictures of familiar faces flashed on the screen.

We were taken back to our teenage years, and the high school days we thought would never end.

We remembered the teachers who believed in us, and the best friends forever who never left our side,

But when we came back to the present time, we felt a hollow void as we stared into the circle.


And them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye…

We stood in a circle holding hands, our bodies fueled with love and liquid courage.

We wanted to melt away the lines that separate teachers, classmates, strangers, and friends.

We swayed in and out like a sea of colliding waves as our bodies drank in the rhythm of the song.

Our way of making a toast to each other and to the spirits of those inside the circle.


Singin’ This’ll be the day that I die…

We stood in a circle holding hands reminded of the day our world changed.

We stood in a circle holding hands knowing things would never be the same.

The only tangible thing that remained were the pictures transitioning on the screen.

And although we didn’t know them all, we felt their presence through the hands of those who knew them.


This’ll be the day that I die…

We stood in a circle holding hands to remember those who passed into the inner circle to remind them that their music will never die.


Copyright ©2011 Talya Chatman. All Rights Reserved.

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